For business owners

Knowledge is key to building a business

Providing you an easy pathway

A broad range of skills and knowledge are needed to launch and operate a business. But what knowledge do you need?

Our training provides you with the core knowledge and skills you’ll need as you start down your own business path. Giving you foundational information to help you focus and make progress, and providing you skills to plug your gaps or supplement your existing skillset.

Understanding where you're at ensures you get the right help at the right time

I'm in explorer mode

I’m just starting out, working out what I can do, working out what my business is and trying to understand the online business space, and trying to decide if I can run a business.

What I'm doing

Joining business groups, researching stuff online, watching lots of webinars, reading lots of blogs and how to get started content.

Where I'm stuck

I’m having trouble working out exactly what my business should be.
I don’t really know much about running a business.

I'm overlearning

I’m stuck in a research and learning cycle, piecing together my business ideas and focusing too much on content that I am self learning online.

What I'm doing

I am fairly clear about what my business will be. I’m reading and watching way to much, mostly what I see on social media about what to do.   

Where I'm stuck

Everything I learn gives me new ideas, or conflicts with something I’ve learnt, I feel like there is too much I don’t know. Everything is starting to make me question whether I can do this.

I'm building in flight

I’m building and changing my business frequently as I learn new things, I’m not focused on one thing and getting it working the right way.

What I'm doing

Second guessing what I have done. Learning new things that seem better than what I started with. Feeling like there is too many things to do.

Where I'm stuck

I don’t know if I need to change things, but I am struggling to focus on get on the right path and need assurance I am getting things right.

Well, I have a business

I have a business created, and I’m out in the world trying to make it work but I have so many thing to do I am not really focusing on getting the traction I need.

What I'm doing

Working way to much, getting bogged down in little details, feeling tired and like I’m getting now where. 

Where I'm stuck

I don’t know what to do when, I can’t see which things I need to do because they will help or what is just wasting my time.

How we help

Our training programs are a guide, they help you understand the path you need to take. We explore process, theory, case studies and best practices.

Once you understand the path, walking the pathway becomes easier. 


MELD Training

Business basics

Brand new to starting a business?

This course is designed for people who are in the exploring phase of starting out in their business.

This course will help you: 

This courses addresses all the questions that will come during the planning phase from what is a strategic plan to how do I stay motivated. 


Building business knowledge

The business pathway

Stuck in the planning / learning cycle?

This course is designed for the over learners who are needing a clear pathway out of the cycle.

This course with help you: 

This courses addresses everything you need to plan to get moving forward from understanding budgets to developing your implementation plan.


Unlocking your executive

Unlocking your executive

Needing to take the lead?

This course is designed for people who started their business, but are changing things or getting stuck doing the little things.

This will help you: 

This courses addresses everything you need to lead your business forward from monitoring progress to evaluate your operations.