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You deserve the best chance to succeed in your business

let me help you learn what you need to know
to run your own business

Success in starting and running a business comes from four things.. 

motivation, marketing, products people need and KNOWLEDGE!

There are 10 core functions in every business that every owner needs to understand to run their business. Let’s take the hassle away from you having to work everything our yourself and step through the basics to build and run your business


The basics

Taking the lead
Learn the basics, the 10 core functions, the rules and practical skills and terms

The pathway

Making the Plan
Learn about business plans, strategy, operations, finance, legal and more

The executive

Waking your executive
Learn to evaluate business, assess risks, making good decisions and more

Are you stuck in a working it all out Loop?

It has never been easier to start up your own business, especially an online one. There is a ton of information and resources available online to help you. BUT because there is a ton of information out there, it’s easy to get confused, overwhelmed and downright information overloaded!

If you are new to starting up or running a business, you’ll need to know what to do, and how you are going to do it. Inevitably you’ll also use up your time learning things you really don’t need.. 

… kind of like building a garden path when you really needed to build a highway.

Basically you will spend a heap of your valuable time, working out what to do… rather than doing it!


You wanted to start a business to get your awesome idea/solution out there and to start helping people straight away. Right?

Not sit around working out how to start a business..

That's time your could be using elsewhere ...
knowing you have the knowledge you need

So, if you are spending a large amount of time  
  • endlessly googling about how to start a business
  • watching a heap of webinars and marketing tips
  • scrolling and reading every single one of the ridiculously large volume of social media ads you’re getting
Then it’s time to reclaim your time!

Knowing the basics of business doesn't just save you time, it also:

Understanding the basics of business is the firm foundation you need to get started

All business are different. Which means all business have different requirements during their start-up phase.

But, regardless of the differences, all businesses have the same core functions, to make them work properly and control operations.

THE mistake we make when we're new
and want to start a business

We focus on marketing, how to market ourselves, how to automate marketing etc etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, that is highly important for online businesses, but we ignore the other business components.

What is our business about? What is the strategy? How do we manage finances? What are the legal obligations? What do we need in a sales contract? What data do we need? How do we assess our risks? What decisions do we need to make? How do we make better decisions? How do we evaluate what we are doing? How do we change course?

And many, many more questions…

MELD Training experience

there is so much to learn it's easy to focus on getting a product and trying to sell it

You need to be able to answer these questions. 

WHY? You need to be able to manage your business,

We NEED strategy, planning, and Business understanding

So, if you are spending a large amount of time  
  • endlessly googling about how to start a business
  • watching a heap of webinars and marketing tips
  • scrolling and reading every single one of the ridiculously large volume of social media ads you’re getting
Then it’s time to reclaim your time!

Why do I need to learn these skills… well firstly you want to give yourself the best chance to get your business off the ground and start to thrive. 

Sadly, many businesses fail in the first year. 


There are a number of reasons including not understanding your market, or having poor marketing strategies.

a contributing factor to business failure is the lack of proper management

Get the best outcomes and mitigate some of the risks of starting your own business by equipping yourself the business basics.

Gain understanding of how to plan and operate your business by investing in practical skills and key business knowledge. 

The hard FACTS! Some of the contributing reasons that businesses fail:

Are you ready to take the next step?



Detailed step by step training modules learning the 10 core elements of business basics

Practical skills you can easily apply to your strategy, finance, business planning and operations

Unlock your inner executive skills in leadership, communication and evaluating your business needs

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Getting down to business

Everything you need to know about business


Let's get practical

The ultimate of "How tos"


Awaken your inner executive

Skills to step into the CEO Role

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ready to try your own thing

Sadly, many of us are in jobs we only sorta kinda like (or don’t like at all ) and feel stuck.

not happy at work

Workload is too much, poor communication, dissatisfied with management, lack of control of work, reached income limit, want better work/life balance.. Sound familiar. 

Yep! Well you are not alone.

Many of us are wanting a change. We want to increase our income. We want more control of our work. We want to try new things. We want to stop feeling stuck in our current job, just cos we need the money!

It’s hard to change careers and it’s hard to get chances to do things outside our role. We battle perceived limitations on our ability or skills. But we want to throw ourselves at something new, embrace the learning curve, and see what happens.

Reality is against some of us and we quietly slip into feeling uninspired, unmotivated and joining the ranks of the “quiet quitters” looking for a greater challenges and more control.

The sad FACTS! Some of us just aren’t happy and are looking for change. 

Ready to get started on your own terms

I'm in explorer mode

I’m just starting out, working out what I can do, working out possible products and trying to understand the online space.

What I'm doing

Joining groups, researching online, watching lots of webinars, reading lots of blogs and absorbing how to get started content.

Where I'm stuck

I’m having trouble working out exactly what to do. I don’t really know much about the online space and how to make it all happen.

I'm Stuck learning

I’m stuck in a research and learning cycle, piecing together my ideas and thinking I need to know more.

What I'm doing

I am fairly clear about what my product could be. I’m reading and watching way to much, and not moving forward.   

Where I'm stuck

Everything I learn gives me new ideas, or conflicts with something I’ve learnt, I feel like I need to know more. I need to stop and get a clear pathway forward.

I'm in flight

I’m building and changing my ideas frequently as I learn new things, I’m not focused on one thing to get it working.

What I'm doing

Second guessing what I have done. Learning new things that seem better than what I started with. Feeling like there is too many things to do.

Where I'm stuck

I don’t know if I need to change things, but I am struggling to focus to get on the right path and need assurance I am heading in the right direction.

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Other resources

The complete guide to managing your online business

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