What if there was an easy process to get your ideas moving from vague idea to solid plan?

That would be amazing. You've just not found the right process.

Just $650 (AUD)

There are so many people just like YOU looking for ways to build an extra income for themselves but struggling to get their ideas together.

When you think about creating digital products, there are so many possibilities out there for anyone who is tech savvy at creating digital assets on their computer or camera. Looking at you writers, creatives and photographers.

With so many options it can be hard to decide what sellable products are even possible with your skills and knowledge. 

So how do you work out what’s right for you?

That’s a million dollar question right.

If you've just starting out looking, you are now:

The good news is:

It is not that hard to get clarity about what your skills are and what sellable products you can create

I’ve spent years working in the online space learning what digital products are possible.  

And I’m here to pass all that knowledge on to you and support your journey forward.

I’ve been in your shoes and know all too well the confusion you can feel about what’s possible with product creation.

Let's understand how you got here

And how things are looking for you now

  1. You’ve started to do some searching online about how to create products and make money online
  2. You are seeing words like affiliates, PLR, MRR, digital assets, content creation, and your not sure what it all means.
  3. You are getting inundated with ads from online entrepreneurs selling you their unique selling system, but you are struggling to work out what you could actually produce to sell. 
  4. You’re giving your email out left, right and centre to get helpful downloads, that point to courses and coaching, but what you really need is guidance on product creation. 
  5. So you feel less certain about what to do and keep searching for the answers.

And the cycle continues round and round.. 

Starting to sound familiar. Here's the thing about where you're at.

There is NOTHING wrong with getting stuck with a vague idea.

And NOTHING wrong feeling you’re not sure where to start.

But there IS a reason why these ideas aren’t flowing freely.

Let me explain…

Creating digital products is like creating your own game.

You need to decide on the idea, pieces and players

When you start in any game you have an intention to win.

But first you need to learn the the basics, the pieces, the rules, and the players. 
Then, once you have the basics in place you are ready to learn the winning strategies.

If you are just starting out, trying to compete as a master, leads to loses and upsets as you don’t have a handle of the basics. So you give up easily as the game seems too hard.

You are being marketed to by the grandmasters, they have learnt the basics, they are doing the work, they have their game plan in order and are out playing their hand  (and they may have spent years getting there!) 

The downside for you: they are selling you their master strategies, designed to win their game. Which you can definitely learn from, but you may not be ready for it or it may not fit your game.

So if your struggling to work out what you can actually create and not able to get your ideas clear. It's not because you shouldn't do it or it's not possible.
You just haven't found an easy way to get your thoughts out of your head


A complete program that teaches you how to extract your vague ideas

and turn them into solid plans

using your skills and knowledge, a strategy to define your audience and mastering the problem solution method

This program will take you from one day to day one

The easy process

A day that will change everything for you and set your direction. You’ll have a day filled with learning, laughter and activities that have been specifically designed to get those ideas out of your head and into tangible plans . You’ll refresh your mindset, discover your potential and at the same time being start the product creation journey.

You’ll spend a full day reaching inside your mind and set yourself up to be super productive and hyper focused for creating your digital product business. 

Let's take a peak at what your journey will cover

Starting point

Delve into your skills and knowledge, what problems have you solved, what messes have you made, what are your stories, what skills can you pass on. What are you busting to give the world? 

The cybermarket

The basics of what you need to know about online selling, language, terminology, and how things work out there. Diving into digital products, types of products and how and where to sell them. 

Add to Cart profiling

What do you know about the problems of the fabulous person who will press the add to cart button to buy your product. How do you help them?  What do they need? What else do you know about them? Will they want your product?

You the producer

Refining down your ideas, and planning out your first product. Strategies for creation, how to use your time effectively, how to get super focussed and keep the momentum going. Mindsets to stop yourself getting distracted and discouraged.

How amazing will you feel in 6 weeks time

knowing exactly what you need to know,

and be well on your way to getting your first product ready to sell

This program will deliver you a simple path to follow, which will help you make big steps on your journey. But it's not a magic path.

You'll need to commit your time and energy

I'll deliver to you everything you need, with guidance and support. But you will need to do the work to get to where you want to go.

This program is not for you if:


I don't know have a product idea. Does that matter?

Not at all. This program is designed to assist anyone who wants to create products to help them identify what they can do, what industries they can help,  what problems they can solve and extract product ideas from their own skill, knowledge and stories and the learning provided.

How much time do I need to complete the program?

The program is delivered as daily steps Monday to Friday for 6 weeks (30 days), with an activity to complete each day. The minimum time required will be approximately 20 minutes to read and absorb the learning and 25 minutes to complete the activity. 

I'm not sure I want to sell digital products. Does this program help?

The focus of the program is to assist people who are wanting to create digital products. However, it will benefit to people wanting to create services along side their digital products, as you will documenting your clients needs. 

Does this program cover how to sell products?

No, This program is focussed on creating the products themselves. However, as you complete the activities you will be documenting the problems and solutions of you target audience which will invaluable to your marketing efforts.