About MELD training

At MELD training we're committed to removing the time and cost barriers
people face when taking steps towards generating their own work and income goals. 

We believe in no barriers

The world has been going through enormous transition over the past few years. We are learning that we can create our own opportunities and create our own way to work and live.

We are learning we can control what we do, we can stop being limited by what others have imposed upon us. We can create our own work and income to not have to live pay to pay and get hit by the next thing to come along.


Melding your learning

Your background experience, your learning and skills and the knowledge you have all melds together to make you the person you are and that is what drives you to want to build your own business.

Our training brings practical skills and knowledge to meld with your current skills to support you in building a successful business.

Building business knowledge
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Your trainer: Mel Davies

Your trainer, Mel Davies, a Certified Professional Trainer with 25 years experience in business process design, operations, leadership, project management and strategic planning across a range of sectors.

The MELD method

The MELD method helps you learn gain knowledge and build skills that support you to Manage, Evaluate, Lead and Develop your business.

Our training is built upon the these four principles to deliver you training programs to help you on your journey to business success.

MELD Training

MELD beliefs

MELD beliefs

Mel Davies

Key trait | Creativeness

Wants to skill the world

Mel Davies | Certified Professional Trainer

Mel has 25 years experience in business process design, operations, leadership, project management, strategic planning and change management.

She has worked across a diverse range of sectors, ranging from government to information technology and the social services industries. Mel specialises in analysing statistical data and complex information and distilling it down to simplified and understandable processes, procedures and training materials.

Statistical analysis
Process design
Team Leadership
Project Management
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